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We are honored to have worked with these fine organizations:

Customer Testimonials try to prove your business is worthy.

Genuine customer gratitude builds trust and inspires sales.

Are your customers passionately saying this about you and your business?

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Customer Success Solution

As a buyer, any purchase we make whether it’s trying out a new restaurant or hiring a professional comes with a degree of risk (financial, social, functional, physical, and time).  The higher the financial investment, the higher the buying risk.  In order for the buyer to confidently make a purchasing decision, enough trust needs to be established. Unfortunately, no matter how convincing the seller or product maybe, there is a natural skepticism that exists.

“Testimonials try to prove your business is worthy. Genuine customer gratitude instills trust and inspires action.”

 The “Gratitude Inspired Sales™” approach is designed to leverage the emotional connection with and influence of a peer to elevate trust with the seller.  “Buyer Trust” is a natural byproduct of sharing “Customer Gratitude”. More effective than written testimonials for high-risk purchases, these Customer Gratitude Videos give the buyer an authentic experience of what it’s like to momentarily be a customer.  As a result, this trust reduces buyer’s risk and this accelerates the sales process.

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The Gratitude Inspired Customers™ Experience

Learn how high-performance business coach, Michael Knouse, uses customer gratitude videos to qualify prospects, save both his and his client’s time, accelerate buyer trust, and make sales easier.

Attend the Online “Gratitude Inspired Selling™” Masterclass

In this 2 hour fun, interactive training for elite coaches, high-level consultants and business professionals who want to (1) attract more high-level clients and the right referrals (2) stop bugging your best clients with reference calls (3) waste less time with the wrong prospects (4) accelerate buyer trust and your sales process (5) and increase sales conversions for premium products and services.

You will learn:

  • Why written testimonials and praise may actually raise doubt in the minds of serious prospects
  • The “Buyer’s Risk Assessment” and factors that drive the decision to purchase
  • The “Buyer’s Risk Index” to determine which tools you need to elevate buyer trust.
  • The “Trust Equation” factors that strengthen or erode your trustworthiness
  • How to easily ask your clients to do video testimonials and the secret to getting them to say yes every time
  • How to activate the 5 emotional triggers that move high-paying prospects to hire you
  • “10 Dangerous Video Testimonial Mistakes” that will jeopardize your credibility and put your business at risk
  • 5 best ways to use Client Gratitude Videos to increase visibility, build trust, save time, and increase sales
  • The proven “Gratitude Inspired Sales” method for creating powerful Customer Gratitude videos that emotionally connect and inspire trust and buyer action